Welcome to EqnEditor Render v5


Welcome to the World's #1 online equation rendering service.

This web-service rapidly delivers equations in a range of formats for consumption across the web and mobile platforms.
NOTE: This page exists for administrators, rarely should it be used by end users.

The CodeCogs Equation Editor service is changing, with a series of major updates being released. This includes transitioned to a new infrastructure and a brand new equation editor (to be released soon). If you are on this page you are using the new service. We are extensively tested this platform and will continue to implement improvement over the coming weeks. If you have any suggestions or notice anything amiss please rlet us know: support@codecogs.com.

For the new prototype editor use: Equation Editor v5 (alpha)

Equation Rendering Service Missing or Licence Invalid

Please Get your licence key from EqnEditor website and set EQN_* environment variables.

For example if your customer facing website is call http://frontend.com and you run a rendering service through port 8000 on the same domain:

  1. Within the rendering service set:
    • EQN_RENDER_URL = "http://frontend.com:8000"
    • EQN_PARENT_DOMAIN = "mysite.com"
    • EQN_LICENCE = "##40 hex values##"
    • EQN_POD_NAME = "Unique ID"
  2. For the service hosting this page (which helps you test the underlying service setup above) set:
    • EQN_RENDER_URL = "https://frontend.com:8000"
    • EQN_RENDER_SERVICE_URL = "http://backend.com:8000"
  3. These urls will only differ in instances where the rendering service is accessible through a backend network.

If you have any troubles please contact us.